Four networking tips for 2017

Four networking tips for 2017

The New Year ushers in the desire to increase business and commit to heart those marketing lessons learned over the past year.

Here are four ideas for upping your business and social influence in 2017:

1) Review your social media profiles. Make sure you’ve added strategic individuals to your roster list for 2017. That way you can do a quick follow up after each meet-and-greet you attend.

2) Pencil in a plan to attend at least one social function a week. Taking a few hours every week or two to hobnob with fellow business professionals can seem like a heavy chore. But think about this: You need to get out of your office. Stale air, stale ideas and monotonous conversations with internal staff drain enthusiasm. It will do you good to visit a fresh venue, and you just might make a new connection, too!

3) Practice the art of active listening. Business professionals need to be outwardly focused, paying gratitude forward and attending social events. That’s how strong business alliances happen.

4) Be organized. Lots of missed opportunities fall through the cracks, because a business card went through the washer. Or, in a rush to get out the door, you forgot to bring that presentation folder stuffed with great business collaboration ideas. Spend 10 minutes before you leave for your networking meeting ensuring you have the essential tools to forge those relationships.